Fuller Center Bike Adventure 2017

This summer, I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel along the East Coast with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. The Fuller Center is a nonprofit organization devoted to ending poverty housing worldwide. This is made possible with the help of volunteers, year-round fundraising, and partnerships with churches, schools, businesses and other organizations. The … Continue reading Fuller Center Bike Adventure 2017

EF17 UnMEDIAted Photographer Submission

Here are 16 unique portraits of my photogenic friends & acquaintances:     This is a project that I've been working on throughout the entire semester. I submitted this gallery as my entry for Electric Forest's UnMEDIAted Photographer program. The winner of the competition gets a free pass to the festival, as well as a … Continue reading EF17 UnMEDIAted Photographer Submission

Spectrum Spring Concert 2017: Joywave & New Politics

I got some awesome photos of the concert last night! (click to enlarge images) Here's what I thought of both bands: Joywave put on a great show. I didn't start listening to them until just recently, but I really dig their sound. The lead singer seemingly hit every note spot-on, although the vocals were a bit … Continue reading Spectrum Spring Concert 2017: Joywave & New Politics

Fred Flashbacks #6 – Famous Musicians in Fredonia

With Spectrum's annual spring concert coming up this weekend, I wanted to do a special edition of Fred Flashbacks. I dug through tons of old newspapers to see who else has played here in Fredonia. Here's what I found, in chronological order:   April 28th, 1976 - The Charlie Daniels Band   March 18th, 1980 - … Continue reading Fred Flashbacks #6 – Famous Musicians in Fredonia