Fred Flashbacks #7

I was digging through old issues of The Leader, as per usual, when suddenly I came across this article from five years ago:



I was a bit confused as I was reading this article. But then I took a glance at the top of the page and saw this:


April Fools came a bit late for me. This week five years ago, the Lampoon took over The Leader for a special satirical edition. Here are some more funny articles, in honor of the holiday spirit:



Supposedly, the Fredonia Opera House was bought out by Club 35 at the time. They had plans to remodel and open a brand new strip club: “Club 36”.



Apparently, students used to indulge in “drug and alcohol activity” at the infamous creek nearby campus. University Police decided that enough was enough, and they began heavily patrolling the area.




All photos courtesy of Daniel A. Reed Library, Archives & Special Collections, State University of New York at Fredonia.

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