Kilos: Behind the Scenes


Recently I hung out on the set of a student film currently in progress. Kilos is the capstone project for a select few of Fredonia’s video production students. The half-hour film stars Casterline Villar as Gina, a former drug dealer struggling to abandon her shady past.

I sat in on a shoot that took place in an attic, as well as an ordinary living room. Or at least it appeared to be an ordinary living room from the view of the RED Scarlet-X Dragon. The room was packed with studio lights, audio equipment, and tons of wires all over the place.

The crew and actors worked together diligently, overcoming the random challenges and obstacles that would arise. Most notably, they had to ensure that “the Obama mask haphazardly hanging from the ceiling” was kept out of the camera’s sight. (see the very top of the image below)


492A2294I asked Atticus Kiser, Director of Photography, about his experience filming Kilos thus far. He says “production has been off to a momentum-driven start. All cast and crew are passionate and hard-working.”

Based on what I observed, I’d certainly agree. The entire crew maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the entire shoot. I almost forgot I was in Fredonia, and not on the set of a major Hollywood film. (That’s a pretty ridiculous exaggeration, but you get what I’m saying.)

I’m looking forward to watching the final version of Kilos at the end of the semester. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post featuring my review of the finished product! Stay tuned…

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