The New Guy in Town


Over the past few months, some of you may have crossed paths with this fellow Fredonian.

For those of you that are unfamiliar: it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Tyler Sidders, more commonly known as Sidd (and occasionally referred to as “The Silver Dog”).

492a1853Sidd moved to Fredonia roughly five months ago. He’s currently 23 years old, and aspiring to be a professional tattoo artist. In the meantime, Sidd works as a receptionist at True Blue, a local tattoo shop in downtown Fredonia. He plans to enroll as a freshman in Fredonia’s Visual Arts & New Media program next fall.

Growing up, Sidd lived his life constantly on the move. His father was in the Marines, which required his family to frequently relocate throughout the US and Japan.

While Sidd doesn’t necessarily have a “hometown”, he spent a lot of time in Twentynine Palms, CA, a small desert town not far from Joshua Tree State Park. He lived in a Marine Corps base along with the rest of his family.

Sidd’s upbringing has greatly affected his artistic style. Rather than watching children’s cartoons, Sidd’s father introduced him to action / war movies at a young age. He grew up admiring action heroes, which is apparent in many of his illustrations throughout the years. (click to enlarge images)

Tattoos are a fairly common aspect of the culture surrounding the Marine Corps. As a result, Sidd took up an interest in tattoo art a very young age. He spent a lot of time surrounded by his father’s Marine buddies, and remembers seeing their arms coated with “pictures”. Many years later, Sidd got his first tattoo at 18 years old.

Comic books are also a major source of inspiration for Sidd. Some of his favorite artists are Frank Miller (Sin City) & Alan Moore (Watchmen).

Pencil illustration is Sidd’s preferred medium, but he also does some work with paint and watercolor. Sidd describes his style as high contrast realism, with dramatization similar to the style of Da Vinci. While he is also influenced by American Traditional tattoo art, Sidd has a tendency to deviate and combine aspects from many different styles of art.

Recently, the owner of True Blue offered Sidd an apprenticeship. This is a major step forward for him in his tattooing career. While Sidd isn’t entirely sure of what this experience will entail, so far he’s expecting a series of “challenges”. For his first challenge, Sidd has to create a representative illustration of Huey Lewis and the News. I expect a compelling end result. (Update: Here it is.)

Although I haven’t known him long, Sidd is probably the most down to Earth dude I’ve ever met. If you see him around next semester, be sure to strike up a conversation! Just tell him Corey sent you.



All artwork courtesy of The Silver Dog himself.


Check out the rest of Sidd’s art on his Instagram!

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