Fred Flashbacks #2

Here’s what was happening in this week in Fredonia, 35 years ago:



Immigration policies have been a hot topic lately, for obvious reasons.

Thirty-five years ago, the Reagan administration placed a ban on Haitian refugees entering the United States. One student decided to share his thoughts in the opinion section.



Old Main had some killer drink specials. Apparently they were having a logo contest too. I didn’t even know Old Main had a logo! I wonder if they’re still using the same logo today…


Old Main wasn’t the only place with inexpensive alcohol. Check out these other ads:

Although drinks in Fredonia are still fairly cheap, today’s prices are an arm and a leg compared to 35 years ago.



Apparently there used to be a place that delivered tacos. I really wish this was still around today.



According to this police report, some guy supposedly got stabbed at BJ’s, without actually getting stabbed at BJ’s.



This odd photo was featured on the back cover.

Suddenly I have the urge to go purchase a hammock from Walmart.


All photos courtesy of Daniel A. Reed Library, Archives & Special Collections, State University of New York at Fredonia.

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