Allow me to introduce myself.


If you’re a student or faculty member of Fredonia, you’ve probably encountered the mysterious boy with the fancy camera.

That’s me.

For those of you that missed the website header, my name is Corey. I’m currently a senior at Fredonia, in pursuit of a career in photojournalism. As the photo editor for Fredonia’s student-run newspaper, I’m fairly versatile with what I regularly shoot. Some of my specialties include concerts, portraits, headshots and events.

Originally, I enrolled at Fredonia as a Visual Arts major, and promptly undeclared two weeks into my first semester. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I declared my Communication major, with a focus in Media Management. In addition, I’ve filled the majority of my elective credits with photography classes. Combining my major, electives and extracurriculars, I’m hoping to leverage my skills into a job with a Buffalo-based media outlet.

I created this blog for my Digital Narrative class. Throughout the semester, I’ll be posting profiles, “Fred Flashbacks” and all sorts of other jazz. My plan is to remain active on here well beyond graduation this upcoming May.

As a Media Management major, I’ve come to realize that social media is far more powerful than most people realize. My goal is to harness that power, and use it for good. I want to tell uplifting stories, in an effort to combat the negativity that’s constantly being spewed left and right. This is not something that will happen overnight, and I won’t be able to go it alone. I encourage you all to follow along, share your thoughts and help spread the good word!



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